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Version: 0.21


These instructions tell you how to install (or update) RISC Zero tools so you can build your own RISC Zero zkVM projects. By following these instructions, you will install the cargo risczero tool for creating and building RISC Zero zkVM projects, as well as the RISC Zero toolchain used to build zkVM guest programs in Rust.


The RISC Zero zkVM requires Rust, so start by installing Rust and rustup if you don't already have it. Please note that you will need to follow the recommended Rust installation instructions that use rustup rather than any of the alternative Rust installation options, as RISC Zero depends on the rustup tool specifically.


Next, install the cargo risczero tool and use its install command to install the toolchain by running:

cargo install cargo-binstall
cargo binstall cargo-risczero
cargo risczero install

If this is successful, it will finish by printing the message

The risc0 toolchain is now ready to use.

You can verify the toolchain was installed correctly by running

rustup toolchain list --verbose | grep risc0

which should list risc0 along with its path.


To update your installation:

  1. Run cargo binstall cargo-risczero to update the cargo risczero tool, and
  2. Run cargo risczero install to update the RISC Zero toolchain.