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Study Club

RISC Zero's Study Club sessions aim to introduce the pre-requisite concepts necessary to understand our technology.

Upcoming Sessions

February 14: Proof Composition
Victor Graf

As of our v0.20 release, the zkVM supports verification of RISC Zero receipts inside the RISC Zero guest through a feature known as composition. With this feature, multiple zkVM programs can be composed and produce a single receipt that verifies all computation done to reach the final result.

This session of study club will discuss how to use proof composition, how proof composition works behind the scenes, and what use cases this unlocks.

All sessions are hosted at 9am Pacific / 5PM UTC.
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Past Sessions

Full recordings and slides from past sessions are available here

Showcases & Use Cases

Developer Tooling

zkVM Architecture

Mathematical Primitives

ZK Protocol Design

Other Educational Videos

You may also be interested in some of our other talks and podcasts or our developer-focused workshops from ZKHack III and ZKHack Lisbon.