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Version: 0.18

Bonsai on Ethereum

Warning: Bonsai is still in early development. Do not use in production.

Bonsai can be used as a zk coprocessor for Ethereum, allowing you to request and receive verified proofs directly from your smart contract.

At a high level, here's how it works:

Bonsai ETH Relay overview

Our Bonsai-ETH Relay acts as a middle-man between your app contract and the Bonsai proving service. In order to use the Bonsai ETH Relay, dApp developers must have completed the following steps:

  1. Deployed a smart contract on chain that calls the relay contract
  2. Uploaded a compiled program for the zkVM to the Bonsai proving service

Getting Started

The Bonsai Foundry Template is the best place to get started building Bonsai applications for Ethereum. You may also want to check out our Bonsai Quick Start page.